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The urban infrastructure of 150 years ago was more sustainable than today’s | Interview with Dávid Vitézy on smart cities and Budapest

In many aspects, Budapest—a city that used to be the capital of the Habsburg Monarchy—was more sustainable 150 years ago than it is now, said Dávid Vitézy, as we talked with him about modern cities, innovation, and the development of Budapest’s trackbased public transport system. Check out the video!

At Planet Budapest 2021, the Hype&Hyper team interviewed Dávid Vitézy, CEO of the BFK Budapest Development Agency, who helped us clarify misconceptions on sustainable and smart cities. According to Vitézy, the lifestyle of the 21st century—the need for a house with a garden, two cars, and commuting to the city centre with access to a downtown parking spot—has become unsustainable, and it’s an issue that no startup can solve.  Instead, we need to return to conservative and sustainable solutions, and taking a closer look at what Budapest was like 150 years ago could be the perfect first step.

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