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The Vintage Photo Festival is being held in Poland for the seventh time

The Vintage Photo Festival is an international event that has been held since 2015 in Bydgoszcz, Poland. The unique festival provides access to several exhibitions, such as analog photography, author meetings and visitors can get to know old photographic techniques through workshops. It will be held between September 17 and October 2 this year.

The event draws a lot of inspiration from the great photographic traditions of the city in question, Bdygoszcz, where the country’s second largest factory, FOTON, operated until the 1990s. This cultural heritage laid the foundation of the festival. The event aims to promote traditional photography and showcase current trends in the field. Film photography has been experiencing a renaissance for years, so the festival is also relevant for anyone who is just getting acquainted with their newly acquired or found old camera at home.

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