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Always a more exciting and lovable product is born when it is made slowly, by hand, and with traditional processes. This is also due to the fact that whoever makes the product with great care, in many cases puts their heart and soul into the finished goods. You have to love the raw material and trust the end product, it is no different in bookbinding and the exciting world of paper stationery either. In today’s selection, we’re showcasing stores that still employ people who like that procedure, who are just as excited for a good quality paper as many of us.

Papierniczeni | Poland

The roots of Papierniczen’s enthusiasm in Poland also stem from paper worship. Their shop is extremely special, as their office and studio can also be located in one place, where they often hold workshops. Their notebooks represent a fresh and modern aesthetic, made using a traditional process.

Papírna | Czech Republic

The Czech brand also operates online and in a store, the latter complemented by a seventy-square-foot studio. Here, simple but good-quality pieces rule too. The real specialties are their wooden hand printers, which produce prints with sophisticated graphics depicting organic elements and other objects.

Bomo Art Budapest | Hungary

In the workshop of Bomo Art Budapest, colorful and diverse products are made from quality raw materials: diaries, wrapping papers, postcards, and everything else. Their objects are made special by the unadulterated Bomo graphics. It’s also worth discovering live what hides on the shelves of the magical store.

Papelote | Czech Republic

Stylish paper stationery that is one hundred percent manufactured in the Czech Republic. The interiors of their previous store and the furniture placed there were made by the architectural studio A1 Architects, and at their new headquarters, Monument Office Studio was responsible for the same. The atmosphere of the shop is cozy and full of treasures waiting to be tried and used. 

sous-bois | Austria

The ambiance of this small shop is a bit different from the ones listed so far because it is also a cozy café. The super cute place—needless to say—sells products from super lovely, assorted, quality brands, but they also hold workshops to take you behind the scenes of bookbinding.

Papierniczeni | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Papírna | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Bomo Art Budapest | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Papelote | Web | Facebook | Instagram
sous-bois | Web | Facebook | Instagram

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