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These items fill even the most boring wardrobe with life!—The most stylish summer items of Ukrainian fashion brands

In a few days, the awaited summer months will arrive, bringing sparkling sunshine, scorching heat and refreshing showers. It is often difficult for our body to adapt to almost extreme conditions, so it is worth choosing clothes in which even suffocating heat can be easily overcome. In our article, we are looking at the summer collections of Ukrainian fashion brands based on the selection of Vogue magazine, thus helping the work of the designers in a difficult situation and making it easier to update your seasonal wardrobe.

In addition to the minis made of always fashionable translucent fabrics, long-sleeved maxi dresses are the star of the show this year. The latest collection of the JUL brand includes high neck and collar pieces that can be worn on cool summer evenings or gloomy afternoons.

If you want to spice up your wardrobe with a bit bolder sets, check out the Lake Studio webshop. Classic strappy outfits with a silky touch give the owner a casual, yet chic look.

Nadya Dzyak founded her own brand in 2008, where feminine cuts and sophisticated styles are in the focus. Decorated with ruffles, the pleated clothes are like a special installation: they have elaborate details, which are worth admiring even up close!

The colorful floral motifs with a romantic atmosphere are undoubtedly the most popular patterns of the season, which can make any type of dress more exciting! POUSTOVIT features fabulous wildflowers, from small to large, that evoke the fragrant fields of the Kyiv region.

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Source: Vogue, Vogue Ukraine

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