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These were the most expensive cities in the world in 2021

2021 held many surprises and this is reflected in the ranking of the world’s most expensive cities. The Economist Intelligence Unit recently confirmed the ranking, which is headed by none other than Tel Aviv with its growing tech industry. This means that Singapore, Paris and Hong Kong have also missed out on the top spot.

The Israeli city’s progress was expected, but surprisingly it has moved up four places in a year, from fifth last year to first this year. Sydney and Melbourne lost their top list positions, slipping out of the top ten to 14th and 16th. Among the major US cities, New York and Los Angeles have maintained their high positions in the top 10, ranking sixth and ninth. Tehran and Rome have been the most dynamic this year. While the Iranian capital has moved up to the prestigious 29th place, the Italian capital has moved well behind. This could be joyful news if you’re planning your Italian holiday right now!

Photos: Shai Pal, Stephen Pahel, Robert Bye—Unsplash
Source: Vogue Australia

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