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This is how much a trip to the stratosphere will cost | Space Perspective

The space capsule called Spaceship Neptun has completed its first test flight, introducing a new form of space travel, accessible to anyone…  anyone who has USD $ 125,000 to spend on it.

A year has passed since our first article about the Florida space tourism company, Space Perspective’s plan to provide travel to the stratosphere in airship-like capsules. Following this year’s successful test flight, ticket sales for flights departing from 2024 have also begun. The six-hour trip will cost USD $125,000 per person, equalling 36.7 million forints.

The capsule that hangs from a balloon offers a 360-degree panorama of the Earth, and its passenger compartment is even equipped with a bathroom. The spacecraft can carry eight passengers at a time, and the trip requires minimal preparation with no physical demands for the guests. The football stadium-sized balloon is controlled by a pilot whose work is assisted by a co-pilot from Earth.

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