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This is what a well-designed contemporary art space looks like

Built in 1828, the historically listed Cukrarna has been a sugar refinery, tobacco factory, textile mill, military barracks, and homeless shelter, but the Ljubljana building has also been a temporary home to many Slovenian poets and writers throughout its history. Scapelab won the international competition to renovate this special space.

The winning idea was to remove all the internal structures of the building, leaving only the historic façade, transforming it into a contemporary multifunctional art space, with white cube gallery spaces floating above the ground floor, which in return became an extension of the urban public space.

The building also has a newly constructed basement that provides space for performers, dressing rooms, technical rooms, and workshops for the preparation of exhibitions. The gallery’s bar also doubles up as a stage, turning the space into a jazz club and concert venue in the evenings, while some of the gallery halls also function as classrooms and performance spaces.

Photos: Miran Kambič

Source: ArchDaily

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