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This special bar in Vienna flies us to the space!

There’s something unexplainably miraculous about the infinity of space, it’s no wonder that humanity has been experimenting with exploring it for decades. The first satellite created by humans, called Sputnik, was launched in 1957 and orbited the planet for 3 months before it fell back to the atmosphere. That also marks the beginning of the “space competition,” which went on for nearly 20 years, during which the two world powers at that time, the US and the Soviet Union unofficially competed each other in the field of space research. Sputnik Bar, opened in downtown Vienna, commemorates this extremely interesting era, where the futuristic world of spaceships mixes with the classic elements of an American restaurant.

Steiner Architecture studio has dreamt an interior where the intense effect of the 50s and 60s and the Atompunk and Googie aesthetics blend seamlessly with modern design to create a truly exceptional composition. The bright yellow washbasins, ceiling lights reminiscent of rotating sirens and LEDs in the window frames are a little bizarre at first, but the pastel shades, the white marble built-in seating, the blue fire acoustic panels on the walls and the brass hook hangers mitigate the extravagance while harmonizing with the atmosphere of a classic American restaurant. The circle-shaped bar stools and tables and stainless steel counter invite visitors to enjoy a refreshing drink.  

Photos: Simon Oberhofer

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Source: Archdaily

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