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Time travel in the present—the heyday of the iconic retro | TOP 5

Retro objects can take us back to the past, to the carefree world of our childhood. It is a strange duality that no matter how we felt at different stages of the twentieth century, we fondly remember contemporary lamps, boho ceramics, or playful (sometimes almost terrifying) porcelain—we love retro as it is. And the following shops are no different, indeed!

Fabrika | Budapest, Hungary

The Fabrika is passionately researching the quality design products of recent years to continue their forgotten stories. They combine traditional furniture renovation with new methods, emphasizing the importance of recycling. “Who needs new things when there are already enough beautiful objects in the world?” they ask on their website.

Photos: Fabrika

Von Schpargau | Wrocław, Poland

One of the special features of Von Schpargau is that it is not only a vintage shop, but also a café. And in terms of supply, we can find a higher number of everyday and decorative items, but smaller pieces of furniture are also easy to come by.

Galerie 22 | Brandýs nad Labem—Stará Boleslav, Czech Republic

A huge selection of retro, antique and vintage treasures is available at the next location, in the form of a gallery. Galerie 22 mainly exhibits and sells original art deco furniture and accessories, but it also deals with the restoration of contemporary Bauhaus-inspired pieces.

Retro Design | Sesvete, Croatia

Retro Design specializes mainly in the restoration and production of retro armchairs. The armchairs designed on the basis of individual orders are handmade, based on the model of the old pieces—we can choose the upholstery and wood of the long-lasting armchairs, which can be adapted to various interiors.

Circa 1703-3071 | Bucharest, Romania

Circa 1703-3071 is a vintage shop and also the studio of the architect owner, so it is not surprising that in addition to rethinking the objects, the office also deals with interior design consultancy. Its unusual name carries a promise: providing objects made from 1703, which have the opportunity to survive in the future (3071).

Photos: Circa 1703-3071

Fabrika | Web | FacebookInstagram
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Galerie 22 | WebFacebookInstagram
Retro Design | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Circa 1703-3071 | FacebookInstagram

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