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TOMCSANYI’s new spring/summer collection brings spring with firebugs and mosquitoes

The TOMCSANYI brand was founded in 2012 by its namesake, Dóri Tomcsányi, who usually sneaks an Eastern European feel into her collections through color palettes, comfortable and minimalist, but characteristic cuts. Patterns are the brand’s trademark, renewed with each collection, bringing the same freshness and creativity season after season. This spring and summer, the Hungarian brand’s collection is inspired by the old friends of our childhood: firebugs, mosquitoes and other arthropods return on timeless, comfortable women’s pieces. Discover the new collection of TOMCSANYI, on which we asked Dóri herself!

Can you tell us about the patterns in the new collection? Does the firebug representation have personal content?  
We see them as tiny, insignificant, sometimes annoying creatures that appear when the good weather arrives—but in fact, they are an integral and essential part of nature. Firebugs, mosquitoes, shield bugs, ants (the other patterns of the season)… all symbolize the seemingly insignificant, but all the more important. Likewise, our brand may seem tiny next to the fashion giants, but we all have a responsibility to make this sector more sustainable. So we are increasingly moving towards made-to-order production, with no pre-sewn ready-made size range to reduce overproduction and waste. This means that you have to wait longer for an order, but we are also fans of slow life.

What inspired the color palette?
Although it changes slightly from season to season, a specific color palette is still present in each collection. These include powder, tomato red and lavender.

What were the guidelines for designing the silhouettes?
Comfortable, simple, easy-to-wear, practical styles thanks to the pockets. All are made from natural materials such as linen, which is pleasant to wear. For the first time, we also have swimwear; we make them from recycled materials. Since prints tend to be bold, colorful and strong, I go for a kind of modern minimalism in styles.

Photos: Alianna Albert

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