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Traditional and modern elements mix in the interior of a Moscow restaurant

The interior of Moscow’s Khachapuri & Wine restaurant, a collaboration between Yelena Lokastova and Pravda Bureau, is an exciting mix of Soviet mosaics, Georgian motifs and modern surfaces.

When designing the interior of the restaurant named after a traditional Georgian dish (hacsapuri), Jelena Lokasztova and the multidisciplinary design studio Pravda Bureau avoided the usual Georgian decorations and furniture types, and instead focused on creating a Georgian atmosphere with special textures, light shapes and accent colors.

The most dominant element of the space, the bar, is covered with a carpet and surrounded by decorated walls. This expressive space is counterpointed in the rest of the restaurant by a combination of monochrome glazed ceramic tiles and wooden furniture.

Some of the furniture and lamps were collected from vintage markets, while the rest were custom-made to the architects’ designs.

The space surrounding the staircase to the second floor reveals old bricks, showing the building material of the 19th century building, which was originally home to rental housing. There is also a mosaic wall on this floor, salvaged from an abandoned Soviet pioneer camp. The restroom is placed behind it, where the modern design and subdued tones have been made more exciting with bright red taps. On the third floor we find a family-friendly space with armchairs, a long table and a fireplace.

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Source: ArchDaily

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