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Traditional Czech crystal with a modern identity

The contemporary Bohemia Jihlava that has dominated global crystal trends since 1845, has been given a new, modern identity. The visual identity of the Czech brand working with traditional crystal making techniques was designed by the Matbold creative studio.  

Bohemia Jihlava preserves the values of the past while shaping the present. In this way, the Matbold created an appearance for the brand that highlights its elegant, long-standing visual history, but does so in a lively and dynamic form.

They designed a bold identity and branding system with a strong black and white appearance and modern graphic elements—which significantly distinguish the Bohemia Jihlava brand from other brands. By creating animations and video series, they created a very engaging interactive experience.

The challenge was to keep the original logo, more precisely to incorporate it into a new brand identity that reflects contemporary vibration. Finally, the framework of the branding comes to life independently, so the logo can fit the dynamic identity in a balanced way.

Photos and video: Matbold

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