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Instead of urban legends, treat your hair with effective ingredients | ANJA

In the 21st century, when the importance of our appearance and maintaining our health is egarded as a basic need, the shelves of drugstores are overflowing with serums, vitamins and other products that promise eternal youth. We would think that there is nothing new to see since competing brands and ever-changing beauty habits have already presented every possible solutionor at least that’s what we might think because of the nonstop beauty push. But the Hungarian Anja product range is not afraid to defy the usual solutions. Thanks to their specific ingredients and brand concept, they approach the beauty industry from a completely different angle: health is their primary concern. What makes a brand authentic and how can it create value? Find out with us!

Thanks to its unique active ingredients, Anja offers a revolutionary solution for keeping your hair healthy, which, not least, is accompanied by a purposeful concept. The inventor of the brand, Renáta Bagi, drew on years of experience and professional knowledge to realize her vision with unquestionable flair. Although Renáta is no stranger to nutritional supplements and cosmetics, and is one of the founders of the baby-focused Dora Natura natural cosmetics, the Anja range takes a slightly different path, as it is not just about the product, but also about the added value.“I travel a lot and get plenty of inspiration along the way. I was introduced to new active ingredients, a different approach, and innovative techniques. In the West, trends such as sustainability, consciousness, critical consumption habits and environmental protection are much more self-evident. These aspects and principles have captivated me too,” says Reni, who believes that only the long-term solution pays off, whether it’s about youth, health or sustainability.

ANJA’s unwavering sense of mission and value creation is based on principles such as awareness, transparency, security, renewal and the above-mentioned sustainability. The brand pays special attention to educating its customers. They provide regular updates on the latest research in their blog posts on their website, newsletters and social media platforms, whether it’s about ingredients, ratios, dosage, or procedures.

The product range works with professionally selected active ingredients to keep your hair fresh, beautiful and energized. One of the key ingredients in Anja Hair Energy Pills is field horsetail extract, which helps produce keratin, the building block of the hair crown. It also contains a range of vitamins, with precise amounts and recommendations for use on the side of the jars, because professional advice and accurate communication will help you achieve the desired results sooner. Nine vitamins from B10 to the well-known vitamin C and balanced levels of a range of minerals help to give you the most beautiful, healthy hair, with substances that have been proven in clinical trials. Instead of urban legends, the brand relies on truly effective ingredients.

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp, so it’s important to create a harmonious balance between the outside and the inside. In addition to the Anja Hair Energy Pills, you will find products such as the Scalp Treatment scalp scrub with sea salt, which stimulates hair growth and nourishes the scalp, and the Scalp Brush, a head massaging hairbrush that energizes circulation—these products combine health and aesthetics.

The manufacturing process of the hair vitamins is traceable and transparent, from raw material procurement to packaging. From production to packaging, everything is solely of Hungarian origin, thereby, they reinforce and support greener and local solutions. This is crucial for building a conscious brand identity. “We are not only conscious when we create a product or choose a supplier but also when it comes to choosing who we work with or the circumstances in which we live.”

Their innovative UV-filtered bottles are a real curiosity, not only protecting products from sunlight and maintaining their high quality, but also reducing environmental impact. Once placed in the recycling bin, they can be recycled endlessly, or we can even use them in our homes, not to mention that the packaging and filling materials are also biodegradable. These steps will also help overcome the overly unsustainable perception of the beauty industry and provide an alternative to using a greener supplement.

The identity of the Anja products refclects this conscious mindset. In addition to the innovative glass, the visual identity also embodies natural femininity: this is expressed primarily in the use of color, typography, and the harmony between them. This natural simplicity, mixed with a touch of Art Deco, represents the brand’s Ars-Poetica, similar to the cosmetics inside. Inner values are essential, but inner harmony can only be achieved hand in hand with satisfaction with appearance. Both professionally and from a marketing strategy aspect, the Anja product family is a bright spot in the beauty market, which may stem from this unique sensibility.

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