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Tropical ecosystem in a Polish office

The Malinowski Design Urban & Landscape design studio has created a truly special work environment: the palm house is the first office investment in Poland to use the studio’s Nature Connect concept. The tropical ecosystem fills the interior of a specially built pavilion in the heart of the Gdańsk Olivia Business Center office building, with zones for conversation, relaxation, working together and eating and drinking.

The Olivia Garden is a revolutionary project that brings nature and urban energies together. Many of the functions of the office building have been incorporated into the garden, which is essentially the center of the complex. The biggest challenge was that during construction, they had to use innovative technology to organize the indoor garden, which allows the maintenance of a natural exotic garden ecosystem.

Nature Connect is the studio’s own concept that goes far beyond previously experienced ways of interior design using living vegetation. During the project, they worked to achieve the most suitable atmosphere that an exotic garden can provide, and for the implementation, they developed an air conditioning technology that is innovative at the European level. Thanks to the so-called “automatic weather”, temperature, humidity, sunlight and ventilation can be controlled independently of changing external climatic conditions, ensuring plants’ and garden users’ comfort. This way, anyone can experience what it’s like to work or relax in an exotic environment without having to endure the inconveniences of tropical weather.

In the interiors, we can usually find green walls or potted plants placed in common rooms, which tend to be the simpler species that survive indoors. In contrast, the Olivia Garden covers an area of nearly 800 square meters with thousands of plants from roughly 150 species from four continents. The building is home to plants from Indonesia, Australia, Venezuela and the Amazon rainforest, among others, including 10-meter-tall olive trees, wood ferns, cocoa trees and Indian mangoes.

Photos: Bartłomiej Chęcinski and Dariusz Malinowski
Source: ArchDaily

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