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Turning a grain silo into a micro-house

Creative recycling and alternative living meet in Stella van Beers’ project. Inspired by the agricultural containers, which are a familiar sight in rural dutch landscapes, the young designer converted a seven-meter grain silo into a two-level residence.

Named ‘Silo living’, the project was presented at Dutch Design Week 2021 as part of the Design Academy Eindhoven graduation show.

The existing silo was removed from the site and then cleaned with a high-pressure washer to begin the renovation process. The designer then added pop-out windows to the new living space and a spiral staircase that provides access to the apartment. Finally, the reborn silo was completed with a circular skylight. Inside, the micro-house features a light-filled living room and a bedroom on the top floor, which is accessed by a ladder. The project serves, in fact, as a prototype: the designer used standard components so that the design could be applied to other grain silos. It offers a new solution for recycling abandoned silos in the Netherlands.

Source: Designboom

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