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Ukrainian Gunia Project’s latest collection dedicated to freedom

Driven by the deep-rooted identity and values of the Ukrainian people, the founders of GUNIA Project, Maria Gavryliuk and Natasha Kamenska, decided to release a collection dedicated to life and freedom. The collection includes blue and yellow ceramics, necklaces and knitted belts.

Ukraine is fighting for its peaceful life and prosperity. We believe that it’s always darkest before dawn. And after every nightmare comes the light. Very soon Ukrainians will be able to wake up in the morning, meet and hug their loved ones, and re-build our country. The strength of Ukraine will be admired and talked about,” shared the founders of the brand. The Freedom collection describes the bright future of the strong country. “ВОЛЯ (reads as Volya, Ukrainian for FREEDOM) runs in our veins and is our national code. No more words are necessary to describe the inspiration for this collection from GUNIA Project.”

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