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Unique beauty salons in the region | TOP 5

Transformations, exciting changes take place when you visit a beauty salon. Does it add to the experience, and does the interior of the salon matter at all during our visit there? Of course! But as there are many studios, hairdressers, or tattoo artists, the interior design varies accordingly, just as with clients. Let us present a few of our favorites!

Say No Mo | Ukraine

The architectural studio Balbek Bureau made the furnishings of the Say No Mo beauty salon and cocktail bar gender-neutral by using natural colors and contrasting material surfaces. The contrast between the concrete and gold colors gives the salon a determined and modern yet luxurious feel that it represents anyway.

TRiM Hair Salon | Czech Republic

This small hair salon proves that the number of square meters is not the basis for a store to be stylish. Well-chosen furniture, pleasant natural colors, which are framed by the firmness of the black metal structures running through the store, ultimately creating an industrial effect.

 KANSO | Croatia | Brigada

In this hairdressing salon, reaching a peaceful, relaxed state of mind is already made possible by the design, as the interior of the KANSO salon draws inspiration from Japanese gardens, so raw wood and simple arches take over. The character of the garden is expressed by the fenced zones with different functions and the green plants popping up next to the wooden surfaces.

6:19 Studio | Ukraine

Also the success of the work of the Ukrainian Balbek Bureau is this minimalist tattoo parlor. According to the studio, all of their artists, despite the variety of their styles, are united by the exploration of minimalism and their creed that simplicity is the ultimate goal.

Photos: Yevhenii Avramenk

Počesalnica | Slovenia

The 27-square-meter hairdressing salon found its place on the ground floor of an old residential house in Ljubljana. The furnishings of the shop were greatly influenced by its surroundings and its natural, cultural and architectural elements. One of its defining elements is a large wall depicting a botanical garden with rich vegetation.

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