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Utopia Arkitekter’s sustainable shelter arrives flat-packed

The vibrant blue tent-like structure can shelter up to fifteen hikers at a time: meet the Skyli Trekking Cabin!

The Icelandic shelter, easily recognizable by its sloping walls, tent-like structure, and color, can be packed flat and transported in boxes by helicopter to any location, where, according to the designers of Utopia Arkitekter, it can be set up in two to three days.

The refuge is equipped with water, electricity, and fifteen beds. The durable shelter is made of sustainable materials, and its designers have also thought of a separate room for getting rid of muddy, wet clothes after entering.

In good weather, electricity is provided by a solar panel and on cloudy days, by an aggregator, while rainwater is collected and purified by the cabin, which also has a composting toilet. The walls and the glass are insulated, ensuring that the Skyli Trekking Cabin meets all needs while also being a feast for the eyes.

Source: YankoDesign

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