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Vibrant colors, special motives—the most stylish festival looks from Eastern Europe | TOP 5

The Covid restrictions made the festivals of the past two summers impossible to take place, but this year, our favorite musical events are back! To celebrate this, today’s regional selection is also dedicated to festivals, but instead of presenting the stunning venues and diverse musical palette, we focus on the visuals of the events. Stay tuned for what we think are the most stylish festival looks from Eastern Europe!

Bánkitó Festival | Bánk, Hungary

Each year, the country’s biggest small festival is based on a specific topic, which is closely linked to the constantly renewed identity. This year, the concept focuses on agriculture, and the main motive of the logo is the wheat harvester. The aesthetic composition, in various shades of pastel green and purple, has been unconventionally complemented with blue and yellow to commemorate the war in Ukraine.

Photos: facebook.com/bankitofeszt

Fest Festival | Chorzów, Poland

Lovely flowers, simple patterns and lots of pink. The Fest Festival in Poland might as well be a scene from a cheerful animated movie. The use of yellow-blue-pink colors and patterns evoking cute drawings of children—like a heart or a sun—recall a sense of boundless creativity and carefree freedom that we can certainly experience when we visit the three-day event in Śląski Park in Chorzów.

Photos: facebook.com/festfestivalpl

Electric Castle | Bánffy Castle, Romania

Considered one of the most famous festivals in Romania, Electric Castle offers a variety of artists and interesting performances, but many people are not attracted by the programs themselves, but rather by the location, as the festival takes place right next to the Bánffy Castle. Such an iconic setting requires a memorable media presence, so whatever platform you see the event on, you’ll instantly recognize it from the black and yellow EC logo and neon posters.

Fotók: facebook.com/electriccastle

Exit Festival | Novi Sad, Serbia

The Serbian festival is the best example of how a clever choice of name can be turned into a complete identity. When you imagine the ‘exit’ sign above the doors of the buildings, you immediately associate it with green and white color scheme and large printed letters. It’s a familiar concept for the Exit Festival, who have added bright red to the white, making the sign even more striking.

Photos: facebook.com/exit.festival

Metronome Festival | Prague, Czech Republic

The organizers of the Metronome Festival in the Czech Republic have achieved the impossible, with the event taking place in Prague’s busy city center. Attracting thousands of people, the festival represents all genres of music, from classical to rock, and this diversity is reflected in the identity, as well: triangles, which serve as backgrounds on the posters and cover images, are decorated with the colors of the rainbow.

Photos: facebook.com/metronomeprague

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