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View of Eastern Europe | TOP 5

The hiking season is already on, so in our selection today we brought a related topic. The culmination of many hikes is when we reach a lookout tower and relax there admiring the view that unfolds before us. In our top list today, we have collected five lookout towers, outstanding in architecture and panorama, for you from the region.

Galyatető Lookout Tower | Hungary

The modernized Galyatető Lookout Tower, which is slowly becoming world famous, attracts hikers in any season with practical and imaginative architectural solutions in addition to the inimitable view.

Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky

Boldog-Özséb Lookout Tower | Hungary

The second on our list is another renovated lookout tower. The Boldog-Özséb Lookout Tower is located in the fairytale Pilis, close to the Danube Bend. At the top of the tower we can admire the view of the Pilis unfolding before us.

Photos: József Hajdú

Fajtuv Observation Tower | Czech Republic

With its bold spiral shape, the Fajtuv Observation Tower, one of the tallest observation towers in the Czech Republic, stands proudly. In good weather, from its top, you can even see the Austrian Alps.

Photos: studioacht.cz

Velká Deštná Lookout Tower | Czech Republic

For lovers of bigger hikes, we recommend a visit to the Velka Deštná Lookout Tower, which also received an award for its architectural solutions adapted to environmental and climatic conditions..

Photos: David Stejskal

Tatras Tower | Slovakia

One thing can’t be disputed about the divisive project of the Tatras Tower handed over this year: it’s definitely ambitious. The lookout tower in the High Tatras is not only outstanding for its beautiful panorama, but also for its unusual height and multifunctional services throughout Europe. Although legal disputes remain to this day about the need and function of the lookout tower, we are in favor of resolving the situation with a mutually satisfactory solution as soon as possible.

Galyatető Lookout Tower | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Boldog-Özséb Lookout Tower | Web
Fajtuv Observation Tower | Web
Velká Deštná Lookout Tower | Web
Tatras Tower | Facebook | Instagram

Source: www.archdaily.com, www.bigsee.eu

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