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We can hack IKEA products with new Uppgradera elements

Inspired by the success of his previous IKEA hack collection, he has designed five new products. The project did not only rely on his own needs and experience: he also involved an active user community. The latest Uppgradera collection by Ádám Miklósi has arrived!

Ádám Miklósi is a big fan of IKEA, but he is not only a user but also a designer. Last year he launched a collection called Uppgradera, in which he used his own experience to fix the defects of five IKEA products with the help of 3D printing. The accessories not only make the user experience more pleasant and efficient but also follow the distributed design approach of making Uppgradera pieces digitally accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world. The new range, which will launch in 2021, will reflect the same design approach.“For the new items in the collection, I have continued to focus on IKEA’s most widely produced and available products, most of which are experiencing a drop-off in individual user needs. With the new collection, I also want to bring the design approach to a wider audience, including IKEA itself,” Adam emphasized.

The Uppgradera brand focuses on the SUNNERSTA wall hanging and storage, the NÄVLINGE and HÅRTE table lamps and the SOCKER watering can.

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