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We never thought that ping pong could be so posh | FAS Pendezza SLR

Ping pong, foosball and pool. As Eastern Europeans, we associate experiences with these cultic games like blood-curdling ping pong ‘world championships’ in the middle school recess or a game of foosball in the corner pub in a sultry summer evening. As much as we love playing these games, we know that the equipment was made for fun, not for show. The Italian Fas Pendezza brand is therefore a pleasant surprise, because while it triggers a feeling of nostalgia, its sophistication takes the world of gaming tables to another dimension.

FAS Pendezza was founded by the Pendezza brothers, Alfonso and Davide in 1964 in Villa d’Ogna, Northern Italy. Their aim was to create game and entertainment equipment for adults and children alike, made from the highest quality materials in the tradition of the Bergamo valleys. Thus was born the iconic pool, foosball and ping-pong tables that combine relaxation with elegance. 

Over the decades, the brand has developed a unique concept that blends expertise with modern manufacturing technology. The idea of fusing a contemporary minimalist, yet traditional style was conceived in collaboration with Basaglia+Rota Nodari, an architecture studio also based in Northern Italy, with whom they continue work today. Thanks to this collaboration, they are constantly investing in new technologies and design to offer customers a unique and high-performance product. FAS Pendezza believes in supporting domestic products, which is why the entire manufacturing process takes place within the country. A rigorous selection of suppliers and highly qualified Italian companies allow for a tight control of the supply chain, guaranteeing the quality of the product.

Over the years, FAS Pendezza products, regarded as the finest creations of Italian craftsmen, have won several national and international awards. Most recently, they have been exhibited at the Maison & Objet 2022 international exhibition in Paris, where the best actors in the world of design take part every year. 

While the simplicity may seem harsh at first glance, the playfulness is reflected in the unconventional expression and design, a balance that is part of the original Italian extravagance. 

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