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Wearing our roots: the new collection of the Ukrainian brand Ochis

Coffee grounds and native flowers in a single frame: the Ukrainian brand Ochis has molded nature into a wearable object. Here comes the Tsvit sunglasses collection!

The Kyiv-based Ochis brand was launched in 2018, creating the world’s first coffee-based eyewear brand. The brand’s repertoire has been inspired by the richness of nature from the beginning, and this strong connection is also the basis of their latest collection: the native flowers of Ukraine are the starting point in the Tsvit spectacle frames. The collection’s name also refers to it, as ‘tsvit’ means blooming in Ukrainian.

We feel more connected with our native land than ever before because we are fighting for its independence and our freedom, so the importance of soil and everything that it births becomes central,” explains the brand on its website.

As a sort of a symbol, flower petals such as indigenous sunflowers, marigolds, and cornflowers appear in certain pieces of the collection. These plant varieties not only enrich the landscape of the country, but are also strong folk symbols in Ukrainian culture: the yellow sunflower symbolizes unswerving will (Volya), the red marigold symbolizes boundless strength (Syla), and the blue cornflower symbolizes beauty (Krasa). The patterns of flower petals on each eyeglass frame are unique, just as there are no two identical flowers. In addition, the Tsvit frames are complemented with matching eyeglass cases, also made of coffee grounds and decorated with flower petals.

“Each piece from this collection carries a piece of Ukraine, and together they form a colorful wreath of our culture. We are different, but we are united by one territory, one love, and one desire to live in a peaceful and independent country,” said Max Havrylenko and Akim Karpach, founders of Ochis.

The collection is available on the website of Ochis.

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