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When it’s cold outside: winter photographs, mostly from the east

Although there are plenty of landscapes to be photographed in the east in all seasons, here, winter provides a truly postcard-like sight compared to many other regions. In the coldest parts of the world, winter can last up to ten months and summer doesn’t bring any real relief either, but somehow these December months, because of the charm of the holiday, it’s still heartwarming to look at the pictures below. We collected some photos from the snow-covered trees of the Carpathians through the Sudetes to the frosty region of Siberia, which we recommend along with a hot cup of tea. Merry Christmas!

Thomas Flechtner | Web

Evgenia Arbugaeva | Web

Oded Wagenstein | Web

Nicholas J R White | Web

Igor Elukov | Instagram

Tamas Dezso | Web

Christophe Jacrot | Web

Tori Ferenc | Web

Michał Sierakowski | Web

Anita Licis-Ribak | Web

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