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Where every cake has a story

The world of sweets today goes far beyond the colorful, syrupy, concentrated feeling of life, and instead, a softer and more creative approach returns in this area as well. Petra Sodja, the creator of Petra’s cakes, had one goal: to see her personality reflected in her creations so that they would tell different stories.

The Petra’s cakes brand became a dream come true in 2013 and has grown into one of the trendiest candy stores in Slovenia today. The main profile of the brand is the production of boutique cakes and cake desserts for special occasions, which is why the emphasis is on uniqueness, as everyone’s story is unique, so is the matching sweets. Over the years, the style of Petra and the brand has matured: desserts that are now immediately recognizable are mostly characterized by minimalism and naturalness. Each is different, but both simple and modern.

Petra’s main decorative elements are the natural berries, which are also reflected in the brand identity elements. The apostrophe in the brand name is replaced by a cherry, which is often used to depict cakes. The color palette also adapts to the diverse orders, different shades can be used on different occasions, inspired by the colors of forest fruits and the forest. Since one of Petra’s important messages is that every cake has its own story, it also pops up in the slogan.

In addition to delicacies, cake baking workshops, tasty accessories, sweet saviors and gifts are also available on the brand’s website.

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