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Wind inspired residential house | Mobius Architekci

Mobius Architekci in Poland is known for its forward-looking and experimental projects. Housed in the Kampinos Forest near Warsaw, they have a uniquely designed residential house, completely inspired by nature.

The team at Mobius architecture studio, led by Przemek Olczyk, loves the challenges and the elegant answers to them. In this case, the idea of a residential house in harmony with nature was put into practice.

I had no preconceived idea of the shape of the building: instead, I selected certain trees that I wanted to leave intact, and the design of the building was determined by these designated areas, so the final blueprint was formed in an organic way.

Przemek Olczyk

This organic approach resulted in a completely unusual design where there are no completely parallel walls. Nature literally embraces the entire building, hiding as gracefully among the trees as the wind passes through the woods.

Photos: Mobius Architekci

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Source: Label Magazine

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