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Wonderful horseback riding clubs in Eastern Europe | TOP 5

Horseback riding is not just a hobby for many, as the love and respect of animals, as well as good stamina and hardened physique are factors without which it is almost impossible to practice this special sport. However, if you want to experience the beauty of trotting on horseback, it is worth visiting a riding hall specialized in education, where experts can help you learn the basics of horseback riding. In today’s regional selection, the impressive riding clubs play the main role, where we can admire this wonderful passion in a fabulous environment!

Cseresznyevirág Riding School | Budapest, Hungary

The Cseresznyevirág Riding School is located in one of the most beautiful parts of the Hungarian capital, on the banks of the Rákos stream, in the tenth district, which is easily accessible by car and public transport. In addition to longe training, of course, guests who are experienced in horseback riding do not have to worry either: class and field riding can be tried by sports enthusiasts.

Hucuł Horseback Riding Recreation Centre | Wrocław, Poland

The Hucuł Horseback Riding Recreation Centre, which has been operating since 1991, is a cozy horseback riding hall where great emphasis is placed on communication, and the atmosphere is intimate and familylike. For this reason, it is not possible to make appointments or register online. If you would like to book a lesson or a leash-led ride, it’s worth calling or visiting them in person!

Horseback Riding Club of Slupenec | Slupenec, Czech Republic

The horseback riding club, located in the immediate vicinity of Cesky Krumlov, started as a family business and then grew into one of the most popular riding schools in the area. Due to the tranquility and picturesque beauty of the Southern Bohemian region, the popularity of the club is unbroken, besides the longer tours, those who want to train can also take part in individual or group training.

Spanish Riding School | Vienna, Austria

There are almost no tourists visiting Vienna who haven’t heard of the Spanish Riding School. In the institution, which has a long history, various presentations, lectures and sessions are held for the audience interested in horseback riding. In addition to its headquarters in Vienna, the institution with its beautiful historic buildings also has a training center in the countryside, where we can take lessons from the best professionals.

Posestvo Blata | Žaga, Slovenia

In the heart of the Soča Valley, not far from the Italian border, beneath the mountains, there is a magnificent riding hall, where lush vegetation and amazing scenery sweep everyone off their feet. This is Posestvo Blata, where, thanks to its magnificent natural features, besides education, they specialize in field riding and guided rides. In a few hours of hiking, we can tour the banks of the river, admire the cliffs of the mountains and wander through the endless forests.

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