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Wooden house inspired by characteristic Polish houses

The house stands on the edge of a meadow in a small village in western Wielkopolska. The village has a typical street with houses characteristic for this region of Poland: most of them are blocks with symmetrical roofs covered with tiles or metal sheets, with an angle of inclination of about 45 degrees, with low eaves and large brick chimneys piercing the ridge. These features gave inspiration to the timber family house envisioned by Ultra Architects.

The building has low-set eaves, a roof covered with simple coated steel sheets, concealed gutters and chimneys piercing the ridge, and is divided into two slightly shifted parts, parallel to each other. This solution creates two additional small spaces: one of them, on the street side, is a space for cars, while the other, on the meadow side, is a space for a terrace.

Source: ArchDaily

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