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World Design Day in the spirit of diversity

This year, the Hungarian Design Council (MFT) and the Budapest Design Week (BDW) will organize the World Design Day event in the FISE gallery on June 29 with an exhibition and a roundtable discussion in the program.

This year’s central theme is diversity, chosen by the spearheading World Design Organization. In this spirit, contributing designers and organizations explore the relationship between their work, social diversity, and inclusiveness. In relation to this, a one-day pop-up exhibition in the FISE gallery puts the themes of industrial design and diversity, as well as inclusiveness into context, presenting the works of Hungarian artists and studios on the subject. 

The gallery’s other program will be a roundtable discussion related to the New European Bauhaus (NEB) initiative, whose goal is the joint creation of a viable, inclusive, sustainable and affordable European way of life, based on quality experiences, aesthetic standards, and a circular economy.

World Industrial Design Day is an initiative of the World Design Organization (WDO), with aims to facilitate dialogue on industrial design, increase openness towards the subject and showcase the diversity of the field. The Budapest program series’ cooperating partner is the Young Applied Artists Studio Association (FISE), whose gallery is being home to the event.

Details will soon be available on the Budapest Design Week website.

Source: Press release

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