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You’ve never seen such aesthetic fitness equipment!—PENT.

Not many living rooms have a dedicated workout corner or even any kind of fitness equipment on its own. This could be due to a lack of space or because, aesthetically, they are not the first items we would furnish our homes with. We are introducing a fitness equipment brand whose products we would proudly place in our own homes anytime. Meet PENT. from Poland!

PENT. is a Polish brand that manufactures luxury gym equipment for home gyms and personal studios, but luxury spas and hotels also prefer to choose the brand’s high-quality equipment. PENT. products are luxurious goods not only because they are 100% handmade—hence their excellent quality—, but also because their design aesthetics are not ordinary, either. Although they are truly extravagant, there is a classic elegance to their design that will fit in with the environment of most luxury goods lovers, as they dress up the interior almost as an artwork and a high-quality piece of furniture.

What is the origin story of PENT? Where did the idea to create luxury fitness equipment come from?

PENT. comes from its parent company, ATEPAA, which specializes in custom-made furniture for hotels, restaurants and gyms. Since ATEPAA has always worked with the most discerning clientele, there was no doubt that PENT. would also have to live up to the company’s reputation when it comes to the most sophisticated fitness equipment. With the knowledge and tools to create beautifully designed products in stainless steel, wood and genuine leather, a new brand was born.

According to PENT., what characteristics make a fitness machine a luxury product?

PENT. has always attracted attention thanks to its unconventional design, targeting design-oriented customers who appreciate a feeling of luxury while working out. The product’s rich design aesthetics is not only eye-catching, but also carries a personal touch, which derives from the contact of natural materials such as solid wood and genuine leather.

How would you describe the identity and design of PENT. products?

From the very beginning, the central premise of PENT. was the link between functionality and striking design. PENT.’s customers want fitness machines to be displayed and treated as works of art rather than hidden away. This is what makes PENT. a unique luxury item.

Who would you recommend your products to?

Customers who seek outstanding aesthetics and who value the beauty of the design when presenting their fitness machines. The luxury items target selected customers who appreciate the unique PENT. style and also hopes to attract spas, hotels and resorts whose guests expect the best possible service.

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