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Insta láv | CsaK

Csaba Klement known for his cute GIFs and illustrations (@csabaklement) raises specific topics for his Instagram followers from time to time – most recently, the topic of love was on table. “Every theme came naturally so far. The one with mythology was made before my vacation in Greece, the one with Madonna was made on her sixtieth birthday and of course neither is love a coincidence: it proved to be very relevant on account of Valentine’s Day, and of course there were many reactions to it” – Csaba told us.

Many times, Csaba uses this form of Instagram stories when he needs extra inspiration, for example, and it is a tried and true technique for a creative crisis, too: “the followers tell me exactly what to create in the given topic, and I try to react as quickly as possible with as many drawings or GIFs as possible. Luckily many users write to me, but I can only do roughly 10% of these comments, and naturally I choose the ones that catch my attention and which can be realized relatively easily in the form of animation” – he adds.

He works on these mini projects on either a PC or an iPad. In the case of PC, he uses flash usually: the lines are more beautiful and clear there, but the drawings are made in Procreate while lying in bed in the majority of the cases. “There also was a time that I drew with my fingers on the screen of my phone while taking the local train to Szentendre” – the graphic artist-illustrator told us.

„if Budapest, then:…” – launched Csaba the new Instagram topic last summer. At that time, he was working on a vase collection inspired by Budapest with POSITION Collective, where he created the pattern for the ceramics. The capital has served as his source of inspiration many times besides this project, too: sometimes with its beauty and sometimes with its beasts. He is currently thinking of continuing the animation series on Budapest from July, this time by raising more specific and more conceptual issues.

Until then, let’s see the previous GIFs, because Budapest is very HYPE.

Black dog
Long board cruising in Margitsziget
Evening at the bank of Danube
Népszínház utca
Dawn on tram 4-6
Roman Beach
English tourists
Gellért Hill

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