Modern and historical elements blend in this Riga boutique hotel

Modern and historical elements blend in this Riga boutique hotel

Located in the quiet neighborhood of Riga, famous for its Art Nouveau architecture, there is the A22 boutique hotel, the concept of which is inspired by the architectural heritage of the place and its history. The hotel was housed in a building at the beginning of the twentieth century, which was the home of the US Embassy in Latvia in the 1930s. Drawing on this heritage, the interior design studio CBP Design has combined modern solutions with Art Nouveau elements in a sophisticated way while creating a striking yet welcoming environment.

The A22 boutique hotel offers rooms and suites for up to twenty people, as well as a 40-seat fine dining restaurant and cocktail bar. The latter two were named John and Jackie to commemorate the fact that John F. Kennedy was staying in this building in 1939. The hotel also features a gym, a spa and a conference room.

The dark tones and brass window frames of the building gently complement its green, landscaped surroundings. The interior of the A22 is also characterized by a soft blend of modern and historical elements: the Art Nouveau architectural heritage is reflected in the restored ceiling and wall moldings, which are combined with modern, curved furniture. Dark shades, different textures and noble materials such as marble, brass and wood give the spaces a calm atmosphere.

Photos: Marks Litvjakovs

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