Sweet life gluten free | TOP 5

Sweet life gluten free | TOP 5

Cake without gluten? Of course! To the delight of people with a sweet tooth, more and more confectioneries now specialize specifically in gluten-free sweets. In our selection today, we present five confectioneries from Eastern Europe in which gluten-sensitive people can choose from the more and more delicious cakes without giving up or remorse.

Słodki Bez | Warsaw

The cozy little patisserie in the center of Warsaw will do its best to make everyone eat something delicious there, whatever diet or food allergy they have. Their cakes are wheat and milk free and do not contain added sugar. Słodki Bez’s pastry counter is full of divine pies, brownies, cakes and vegan cheesecakes. And those with a really sweet tooth can also taste artisanal macarons, tarts and pralines.

Babiččina spíž | Prague

If you are looking for a gluten-free place in the center of Prague, it is worth visiting Grandma’s pastry, where you will find plenty of gluten- and sugar-free cakes and sweet and salty baked goods. Hamburgers, sandwiches, homemade baguettes and breads, as well as divine muffins, cakes, colorful donuts, apple pies, biscuits and Bundt cakes—all gluten-free! Once you’re here, a cup of Sri Lankan coffee or tea is essential alongside the sweets.

Vis à Vis by Vincek | Zagreb

Vincek confectionery has been making heavenly cakes since 1977 with quality, local ingredients with the utmost care. Located below the Zagreb cable car, their shop offers not only a romantic terrace, but also completely gluten-free products for guests with a sweet tooth. The cakes available here are sweetened with brown sugar, agave syrup or stevia, and thanks to the different vegetable ingredients, vegans can also choose from a variety of traditional or raw cakes. In the summer heat, it is definitely worth trying the juicy organic ice cream, and on the cold winter days, the dense hot chocolate.

NoGlu | Budapest

For seven years now, NoGlu has been a place of pilgrimage for health-conscious snackers, and today we find one of the richest selections of free cakes and pastries in the small Fény Street confectionery. A serious argument in favor of NoGlu is that here we can taste real free cakes, including classics such as Eszterházy or Dobos cake, ischler and Hungarian savory pastry called pogácsa, in a word, they do not offer reform sweets foreign to Hungarian tastes. Whatever our food allergy is or diet we follow, we can surely find something that is not only delicious but also fits into our diet.

Bezgrishna bakery | Kyiv

In Kyiv’s first completely gluten-free patisserie, you can sample cakes made with quality ingredients and innovative baking techniques: colorful eclair donuts, fruity or chocolate mousses, milk-free cheesecakes and vegan cake slices. They also make a variety of breads made from gluten-free flour.

Słodki Bez | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Babiččina spíž | Web | Facebook
Vis à Vis by Vincek | Web | Facebook
NoGlu | Web | Facebook
Bezgrishna bakery | Web | Facebook | Instagram

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