Treasure hunt in the coolest record stores | TOP 5

Treasure hunt in the coolest record stores | TOP 5

Nostalgic atmosphere, hours of searching, exciting covers, new genres and never-heard-before performers. You find the right one, take it out of the case, put it on the player, lower the needle, the vinyl squeaks and the music starts—the sound is perfect. Vinyls are experiencing their true renaissance, so in our selection today we showcase the best places to find real treasures!

Why visit a record store? Glittering black discs are the best quality sound carriers to this day, as they produce a continuously flowing analog sound wave. Its warm, toned and textured sound, as well as the squeaking of the needle, make listening to music a truly intimate experience. The expertise of real music fans in record stores helps in the selection of discs, not an algorithm that decides what the next track should be. And the icing on the cake is that you can admire the album covers here in large size, not just on a thumbnail of a few pixels.

Paul’s Boutique | Krakow

Stylishly named after the famous Beastie Boys album, Paul’s Boutique is a really cozy record store in the center of Krakow. The small shop has a great lineup of used classic records, but the focus is much more on new albums, especially on the indie, hip-hop and electronic lines.

Yugovinyl | Belgrade

Yugovinyl is a real treasure trove for lovers of Yugoslav music. The wide selection of used records includes the rarest former Yugoslav releases, be it pop, rock, new wave or even jazz, as well as hidden gems that were banned at the time. It is impossible to leave from here empty-handed!

Vinyl Club | Lviv

Entering the door of Vinyl Club, we drop into a small yet magical place full of cool players and records from all kinds of music styles. Here, everyone knows exactly that listening to music is a meditative process that requires full concentration. That’s why they set up a red booth where you can listen in peace to the album of your choice.

Wave | Budapest

The Wave in Budapest has been the mecca of Hungarian indie/alternative music since 1989. Their quality offer is praised by the fact that in addition to many Hungarian musicians and journalists, the legendary DJ of the British BBC Radio One, John Peel, was also shopping here on his Eastern European collecting tour, just as Henry Rollins himself jumped into the store for an hour before his latest performance.

Mad Piano | Bucharest

Two music-loving friends combined their knowledge and musical tastes to create Mad Pianó in the heart of Bucharest. Their collection specializes mainly in electronic music, whether old or new, Romanian or foreign, here you can definitely find something new and exciting. And for the best treasures, you should dig deep into the boxes!

Paul’s Boutique | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Yugovinyl | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Vinyl Club | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Wave | Web | Facebook
Mad Piano | Web | Facebook | Instagram

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