Christmas menu from the traditional dishes of the region—with recommended restaurants | TOP 5

Christmas menu from the traditional dishes of the region—with recommended restaurants | TOP 5

At Christmas, traditions come to the fore. We crave the usual tastes and smells, as the long-awaited, intimate atmosphere is not complete without them. Traditions are preserved everywhere, but in a different way—this time we’ve looked at the specialties of the region, which made up a whole Christmas menu. We prepared with the recommendation of traditional restaurants for the listed ones to create an insanely festive atmosphere!

Fisherman’s soup | Hungary
Menza Restaurantand Café

The fisherman’s soup, also called fish paprika, is a Christmas favorite in Hungary, but of course, it is different everywhere: in the Danube regions they like the rich version, with noodles, in the vicinity of Lake Balaton, they like the less thick, spicy soup, and at the Tisza, the focus is on the fish. With Hungarian fish, onions from Makó and paprika from Kalocsa! We recommend the Menza Restaurant, where you can enjoy it in a stylish retro environment.

Photos: Tamás Kőrösi, Menza Restaurant and Café

Kuba | Czech Republic
V Zátiší Restaurant

In the Czech Republic, hot appetizers are usually served after the soup, so Christmas Kuba is second on our menu—which is also a side dish. The pearl barley delicacy is usually made with mushrooms and flavored with red onion and garlic, marjoram and cumin, among others. You can also get grilled bacon on it, and we recommend the V Zátiší Restaurant for the perfect taste experience.

Photos: Hospodářské noviny, V Zátiší Restaurant

Caltaboş | Romania
Caru’ cu bere Restaurant

Caltaboș is a pork liver sausage, but may also contain other offal such as spleen, heart, lungs and kidneys. Unlike other types of Romanian sausages, they are cooked on the stove, flavored with garlic and bay leaves. It is served cold, with bread and raw onions or pickles—it is worth tasting in the beautiful Neo-Gothic Caru’ cu bere Restaurant.

Photos: AutenticRo, Caru’ cu bere Restaurant

Vareniki | Ukraine
Pervak Restaurant

Vareniki is a kind of dumpling, made from pasta, but the filling can be anything—cabbage, meat, mushrooms, cottage cheese, cherries, currants, potatoes and more. Variety is typical in Ukraine anyway at Christmas, at least 12 dishes will be on the festive table! We recommend one of the oldest restaurants in Kyiv, the Pervak, with its rooms on various themes.

Photos: Daria-Yakovleva, Mill City Farmers Market, Pervak Restaurant

Fritule | Croatia
Bokeria Kitchen and Wine Bar

There is no festive dinner without dessert. The fritule is a Croatian Christmas specialty, resembling little donuts, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The addictive delicacy, which can be made quickly, is worth looking for in the Bokeria’s offer, where you can dine accompanied by better than better wines.

Photos: Bokeria Kitchen and Wine Bar,

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Bokeria Kitchen and Wine Bar | Facebook | Instagram

Source: Culture Trip, Mindmegette, TasteAtlas

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