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4 + 1 delicious and smart Christmas gifts to put under the tree

Long gone are the days of embarrassing gifts of socks and seasonal mugs. If you like to surprise and delight your family, loved ones and friends, then it’s worth going for something a little more personal to ensure a heartfelt smile. Following this line of thought, you practically can’t go wrong with gourmet gifts, which allows you to wrap the surprise object and the taste experience in one.

Healthy and limited flavor breakfasts

Ever since Hester’s Life porridges, mueslis and granolas, made with wonderful ingredients, have been available in shops, and we can put together our own favorite flavor combinations, it’s clear what gets on the breakfast table or what kicks off the busy days. This year they offer a special limited edition of Christmas-themed granolas, in stylish packaging, with familiar yet slightly twisted flavors. The chocolate-macaroons-granola hides cranberries and the poppy seed version is paired with pistachios, nutmeg, and apples. They’ve also created a combination of Turkish hazel cream, cinnamon, seeds and coconut chips, especially for Christmas. Order a triple package for you and your best friend! Because Christmas mornings with chocolate, poppy and seeds are the real deal—conscious yet divine!


Arriving with strudel in hand

It feels wrong to arrive empty-handed for a festive lunch or dinner, but the dream trio of Hungarian roll cake (‘bejgli’), Gerbeaud cake (‘zserbó’) and gingerbread can be found in almost every household. What if we leave it to the professionals this year and select the best of the strudel in the beautiful gift boxes of the First Strudel House of Pest? Strudels, made with traditional veil-thin dough and rich fillings, evoke tradition with apple, cottage cheese, cherry and even cabbage flavors, while modern times have brought dairy-free fruit strudels, or raspberry-cottage cheese, apricot and cherry-poppy seed versions. Every gathering has a particular strudel fan, and the carefully prepared delicacies quickly disappear from their attractive boxes.

Photo: Kata Balogh / Socially

Scandinavian feel, sophisticated French culinary

The Home of Solinfo, which opened on 10 December, is the biggest contemporary Scandinavian design store in the city center, with 400 square meters of prime Scandinavian design, whether it’s home furnishings or kitchenware. The permanent range also includes the Nicolas Vahé brand, based on the gastronomic concept of the famous French chef. Among the tasty products, you will find special salts, spices, oils and sauces, which can also be the design jewels of the kitchen. They are joined by premium quality utensils: cutting boards, containers, spoons, bowls. Your kitchen-savvy loved ones are sure to be delighted by the look, taste and practicality of these.

Photo: Nicolas Vahé

Gingle Bells

The world’s gin lovers quickly became familiar with the First Hungarian Gin Manufactory, as Opera has proven itself in several world competitions. For 2021, they prepared a limited edition, special barrel-finished batch. The Opera Gin Tokaj Barreled Edition is a spirit that has been aged in Tokaj barrels for six months, adding deep, vanilla notes to the existing spices and a color reminiscent of the celebratory gold. The gin, nurtured in István Balassa’s barrels in Gönci, is 47% and does not require refrigeration before consumption. In fact, it is recommended to taste it cognac-style. A total of 220 bottles are numbered and packed in elegant wooden boxes. A stylish and generous surprise.

Photo: Furmint Photo

+1: Festivities. Wine. Stars

Bortársaság is dressing up its liquid surprises with a beautiful constellation gift box. Detailed festive “outfits,” drawn with real and fictional constellations, can dress up a single bottle of wine as well as a whole two-three-six pack that’s specially tuned to December and the season. The gift bags and boxes are filled with those products of the Bortársaság that match perfectly this love, gratitude, laughter and sparkle-filled time of the year. Be it elegant champagne or velvety red wine. You can even add a Borsuli (Wine school) experience to go with your festive packages.

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