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Eastern European swimwear brands | TOP 5

One-piece or two-piece? Patterned or one color? These questions caused serious headaches when it came to swimwear even in our childhood. And the decision hasn’t been easier since: it’s not easy to find the perfect summer accessory. This piece of clothing also gives a lesson to a fashion designer, because ideally, functionality and aesthetics are combined in a perfect balance in a suitable piece, in which we feel good not only in the water, but also when basking on the beach. As summer is coming, we will show you what special and unique swimwear we can choose from in Eastern Europe.

Rendl | Austria 

The Austrian Rosa Rendl dreamed up the swimwear brand bearing her name. Walking through the Kirchengasse in Vienna, we can take the opportunity to choose from the pieces in the collection. Beautiful vivid or even deep shades are combined with extremely simple shapes, modern design elements of classic pieces include a square-cut neckline or widened straps for comfort. Among the different colors and styles, everyone finds the pieces that best suit their own physique.

U-R-SO | Ukraine

Conscious design and workmanship define the Ukrainian brand U-R-SO (You are so…), whose name already reflects the brand’s goal to make the swimsuit wearer confident. The pieces, made in a sustainable way, were inspired by the ideal of natural beauty and feminism.

More | Croatia

The pieces of the More brand were most affected by the sea itself. The beauty of the huge body of water and the Mediterranean culture and feeling of life prevail in the brand’s sophisticated swimsuits. The vision of the founders, Diana Baketić and Matea Draganić, is embodied in the multifunctional, durable, yet elegant and fashionable pieces. 

Undersea | Hungary

There is also a Hungarian brand in our selection that you may have read about before: no wonder, as it is a special brand. Undersea sees the fight against ocean pollution as its own mission, of which you can be a part by purchasing the products in question. You can wear Undersea swimsuits not only in style, but also proudly, made from waste caught from the oceans. 

Bodymaps | Poland

Simple and feminine shapes define the world of the Polish Bodymaps brand. The founder and designer of the brand, Ewa Stepnowska, planted a story in each piece. She also draws ideas from art, music, and pop culture, but when it comes to inspiration, she’s not afraid to go back to local roots either.

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