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Graphasel won the “Grand Winner” award with a fruit wine packaging

The Graphasel Design Studio took home no smaller prize than the “Grand Winner” award at the NYX Marcom Awards. The winning entry was a refined packaging design for the Hungarian Kontyos Fruit Winery.

The graphic design studio assisted in the rebranding and brand building process of the winery, which combines traditional and experimental methods. They translated the respect for tradition, innovative technology and craftsmanship characteristic of the brand into a unique design language. 

Every season has its own scent, and summer is defined by fresh fruits. That is the philosophy behind Graphasel’s “365 days of summer” concept. This heady feeling of euphoria is carefully sealed in bottles. The pricing of the products was influenced by the variety of fruits used for the different wines, which is also reflected in the packaging design. The more expensive fruit wines were marketed in an exclusive guise, under a separate brand name. While the labels of the basic fruit wines are reminiscent of the classic illustrations from the old botanical guide books, the labels of the premium category drinks feature Clare, the Goddess of the orchards, in the same illustrative style.

Since the color of the wines covers the warm color spectrum, the designers chose a complementary shade of blue. This way, the base color is just as vibrant as the summer sunshine yet still allows the natural appearance of the drinks to prevail. An exciting play of colors is apparent: the blue shines back from the bottles, sometimes with a metallic shimmer, other times as a lighter cyan blue, or as a dark matt finish.

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Source: NYX Awards

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