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In the magical landscapes of Poland | Ojcowski National Park

At the next stop in our series, after the monumental Tatras, we will visit the mystical valleys. Despite its small size, the Ojcowski National Park near Kraków is also rich in historical monuments and natural treasures.

The Ojcowski National Park is located next to Kraków and, in spite of being the smallest of the Polish national parks, is still extremely rich in geological, natural and cultural values. The park hides special rock formations, caves and old castles in Ojcow and Pieskowa Skała.

One of the most exciting places is Dolina Prądnika, where you can meet several meters high, fabulously shaped cliffs and caves. It is also worth taking a walk among the old villas in Ojcow and visiting the Łokietek cave, where the rarest species of bats in Poland can be found.

Photos: Robert Vystrčil

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