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The first printed issue of Hype&Hyper is now available for pre-order!

Anyone who has been following our site and social media interfaces for the past few weeks may have noticed that something big is going on around the house of Hype&Hyper: in May we are presenting a completely renewed brand identity and the first printed edition of our story!

Just as our website, Hype&Hyper magazine is a unique excerpt of what is happening in and around the Central and Eastern European region, with us and via us, be it business, architecture, design, or cultural adventures. At the same time, the new English-language publication set itself a larger mission: as Gergely Fáy, founder of Hype&Hyper and Miklós Kiss, the graphic artist responsible for visual redesign, put it in an interview with them: we are identifying EAST with a new image and content.

How does George Friedman, a geopolitical forecaster, see the region? What does Margaret Ann Dowling, Head of Brand and Business Development at MOME think of the role of cultural identity? What is the recipe for success according to Péter Baldaszti and Ágoston Gyuricza, the founders of Vanguards? Is it possible to surf the Baltic Sea?! You can read about all these things in the first publication of Hype&Hyper. The first issue, which will be released at the end of May, can already be pre-ordered in the Hype Store, together with a unique tote bag, especially useful in summer, designed by @kissmiklos.

For more information about the publication follow our website, our Facebook and Instagram pages, where we’re about to share even more content teasers in the upcoming days.

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