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The new thematic month of Hype&Hyper kicks off: here comes Dialog!

One of the most common responses to most of the interviews about our changed lives under and as a result of covid, no matter which expert we ask, is to see the role of digitization in our lives become more prominent. Since the digital revolution began long before the pandemic, it is not surprising that it is also receiving the greatest response to such a global phenomenon. However, there is less talk about the opposite of digitization, even though the “analog movement” is at least as defining, the physical space has been valued, transformed, and rediscovered at least as much as the virtual one. 

2022 will be launched by the Hype&Hyper team with another thematic month: in January, called Dialog, we’ll be exploring the digital vs. analog topic from many aspects. What will the office of the future look like according to our work needs over the last two years? What role do sensual experiences like scents play in our lives while we are on the verge of the Metaverse? What contradictions does it involve, and how does a digital nomad lifestyle resolve them? Among other things, these questions are raised by our authors in their articles under the tag Hype Lab. Kitti Mayer and Balázs Mohai visited the most diverse characters to ask them about their digital and analog habits in the world of theater, motion and fashion—the interviewees will be revealed soon!

And at the end of the month, we’re going to have another surprise: with two printed Hype&Hyper magazines, we already took a little break from the online space, and soon we’ll take another step towards the offline world…

Read our articles and follow us and start the year by thinking together about what is happening to us!

Cover photo: Fortepan / Viktor Gábor

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