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If you are a frequent visitor of Madách tér, you have probably visited My Little Melbourne a couple times to drink your favorite specialty coffee, too. Now instead of coffee, we are going to talk about real ice cream specialties, bringing the experience of eating ice cream to the next level. Meet Bon Dia Soft Serve.

Diána Balázsi and Péter Balázsi are true entrepreneurs, not afraid to start several love projects. This is how My Little Melbourne came into being back in 2012 for coffee lovers, where one can choose their favorite out of countless specialties. As they say, they have always been one step away from implementing an ice cream store. 

Their love for Barcelona shows vividly in the coffees of My Little Melbourne, and their ice creams are no different either. When they heard the expression Bon Dia (meaning “Good day!” in Catalan), they thought this will be a perfect match for their special soft-serve ice creams. They were also inspired by the feeling of surfing and skateboarding, and so they strive to manifest these vibes through their ice creams – not to mention that Péter is actually a skater.

And what should we know about the ice cream? As it is soft-serve, it is made locally, from high quality Italian ingredients. Currently guests can choose from five-six flavors, including the cream-based flavor White FlowerPanna Rose, a combination of raspberry, litchi and rose, or Emma Green, a mix of pistachio and matcha, to only mention a few examples.

The founders also shared that soon we’ll be able to try a new flavor, a combination of mango and yuzu. Further good news is that the ice creams are gluten free, and are made with agave and cane sugar, so those sensitive to gluten and paying attention to their sugar intake can also try them.

Let’s circle back to coffee for a minute: if you’d like to dive deeper into the world of coffee culture, we have good news for you, as Péter and Dia also launched a barista school. Those completing the school can amaze their loved ones with their hand-made, delish coffees. You can learn more about the barista course here. Until then, go and visit Bon Dia Soft Serve and discover your favorite flavors!

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