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Wheels of fortune, swings, surprises—in an office!

The Belgrade office of Catena Media, a company that has achieved success in the field of iGaming, or online gambling, has also adapted its interior design elements to its commitment to games. The creative workstation in the Airport City business center was designed by Studio Autori.

The open, panoramic space is designed so that each member of the team has their own work and rest zone—full of entertaining elements, secret parts and surprises.

Neutral shades and raw materials dominate the working environment without sharp angles. The black ceiling is paired with bleached beech wood coverings and rounded glass partitions. Desks, conference rooms and smaller rooms for individual meetings fill the resulting transparent area.

Powerful vegetation helps to separate zones of different functions, which also adds warmth and a friendly atmosphere to the space. As for the lighting, it was specifically designed for this project, as well as a significant part of the furniture.

A number of exciting blocks allow workers to change their posture more than once during working hours, making working days more dynamic. These include swings, a ping-pong table, and the wheel of fortune in the busiest part of the office.

Photos: Relja Ivanić

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Source: ArchDaily

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