Fabulous cycling routes in the region | TOP 5

Fabulous cycling routes in the region | TOP 5

Cycling and exploring go hand in hand. This is especially true when facing unusual bike routes—be it glowing lines or paths in dark caves, tracks around fairy-tale areas, or special architectural solutions. So here are some regional bike routes that have an extraordinary concept—not just for cyclists!

Ćiro Trail | Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Ćiro cycle path, considered a historical heritage site, used to function as a railway line. It was built in 1885, at the time of the spread of the railway networks, during the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and until 1976 it promoted the cooperation of different countries and cultures, resulting in tremendous development. Its revitalization took place when the vision of the bike path was born with united force on both sides of the Bosnian-Croatian border. It symbolizes belonging while taking you to amazing landscapes along abandoned train stations, sometimes through unlit caves.

Photos: Cycling Around The World, Herzegovina Bike

Lake Balaton Bike Tour | Hungary

It is impossible to get enough of the sight of the “Hungarian sea”, which is also perfectly represented by the bicycle route around the lake. The largest lake in Central Europe is surrounded by a peaceful, picturesque landscape, but it becomes a busy destination for the summer—so the route can restore the atmosphere of Hungarian vacations in the most authentic way possible.

Photos: funiQ

The varied terrain of Bohinj | Slovenia

There are many bike paths in Bohinj, all of which allow you to map the terrain in different ways: asphalt, dirt and stone roads spanning pastures, and even waterfalls and lakeside paths can show up. For those who like to be more challenged, Vogel Mountain Bike Park is also available.

Photos: Bohinj

Under the Prazsky Okruh motorway bridge | Czech Republic

Under the huge highway bridge, cyclists can also cross the confluence of the Vltava and Berounka rivers through a bridge built specifically for pedal traffic—all on a safe, comfortable and spectacular route!

Photo: Expats

Futuristic road near Lidzbark Warminski | Poland

Poland’s first solar-powered cycling route does not require public lighting, yet it is safe and environmentally conscious through the use of renewable energy sources. Last but not least, it is amazingly spectacular, as it glows blue all night, creating a magical atmosphere to our great delight.

Photos: Bored Panda
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