Fashion meets art on Pozsonyi Street in Budapest | Séyli x Illustri

Fashion meets art on Pozsonyi Street in Budapest | Séyli x Illustri

Light pours into the Séyli Boutique through huge glass windows, and the transparent storefront suggests something we rarely see at home. Last December, after spending ten years abroad, the owner of the place, Dorottya Ilyés, a personal style consultant, set foot again in Budapest and dreamed up a Parisian chic shop, which could not only revitalize Budapest’s boutique culture but also offer a space for exciting collaborations in the future. Séyli x Illustri—the exhibition of fashion illustrator Anett Hajdú is open until 10 April!

Dorka herself selected seasonal collections from various foreign brands in the boutique in limited editions. After many years in the design business, this is now her creative playground—searching for timeless and feminine pieces by creating unity.

“Art for me is a pillar of creative work and design, thus, it’s fascinating to be able to combine the two, fashion and art. I’m also always inspired by art, and I try to design the boutique in line with this, both in terms of design and the placement of clothes and products, to reflect a particular mood and harmonize as a whole,” shared Dorka.

The easily adaptable shop has been transformed into an exhibition space for the first time. In line with Dorka’s vision, the interior offers the possibility to organize workshops and exhibitions not only in fashion, but also in fine arts, applied arts and design.

Anett’s studio gallery, Illustri, is also located in Újlipótváros. The intertwining threads—local ties and a shared passion for fashion—made clear the possibility of joint work. “My passion for fashion goes back more than fifteen years now. Like Dorka, I come from a clothing and accessories design background, and I’ve also been creating contemporary fashion illustrations for seven years. And that is why it was so self-evident when Dorka and Hanna approached me,“ told Anett.

Art consultant Hanna Imre helped to connect the work of Anett and Dorka in practice, and the art projects and exhibitions—including the Séyli x Illustri collaboration—were realized in the boutique with her collaboration.

The exhibition also features three exceptional works that Anett has created, especially for the exhibition. She has made Dorka’s professional background visible by painting some of her most important Parisian fashion designs. Other fashion-and floral-inspired illustrations and paintings have been selected to evoke spring. Anett’s effortless visual language and style are in harmony with the boutique’s interior and are echoed in the patterns and textures of the clothes.

You can not only admire Anett Hajdú’s outstanding graphics until 10 April, but you can also take them home. It’s easy to fall in love with the illustrations because they are in complete harmony with their environment—the fashion and (color) mood-inspired compositions fit as well in magazines, on product packaging, in commercials and even on the walls of your home. At the exhibition, you can enrich yourself (with an experience and/or a unique fashion illustration), but you can also support the work of the Budapest Bike Maffia by purchasing the pictures. In response to the war, Anett is donating the entire proceeds from the sale of the pictures to the NGO.

Photos: Dániel Gaál

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