Gastro status report, behind the counter and beyond: opinions from the hospitality industry

Gastro status report, behind the counter and beyond: opinions from the hospitality industry

Piqniq Budapest conducted an opinion poll on the challenges and issues most concerning the Hungarian gastronomy sector. It is a gap-filling initiative, which not only highlights the difficulties of the hospitality sector but also outlines possible solutions, furthermore, it identifies knowledge sharing and the launch of professional dialogue as its main objectives. Data showed that developing a sense of employee vocation, the ability to adapt more quickly to changes caused by the coronavirus pandemic, and improving managers’ financial literacy are among the most pressing challenges facing the sector.

The survey, commissioned by Piqniq Budapest, was carried out in the Spring of 2022 by interviewing more than 100 professionals between the ages of 18 and 65 who work in the hospitality industry, either as employees or owners. The Piqniq Budapest team, in strategic and professional partnership with Mastercard, Dreher Breweries and Bridge Budapest, analyzed what factors are causing the industry’s difficulties and what could be the possible solutions. The interviews revealed the three main areas where restaurateurs face hardships in their day-to-day operations: the most pressing problems were related to reliable and skilled staff, the pandemic and the lack of financial expertise.

According to the respondents to the survey, the lack of motivated, reliable and skilled people is the biggest challenge they face on a daily basis. This phenomenon already existed in the industry, and the coronavirus epidemic has only amplified it.

They see the root of the problem in attitudes: young people don’t see hospitality as a profession in which they can build a long-term career. Yet one of the important criteria for positive change is that workers in the sector are motivated. And a good workforce is key to the sector’s survival and development.

To achieve sectoral development, difficulties must be seen as points of progress, addressed responsibly and actively taken forward as a common cause. Gastronomy is an area that is needed even during the most challenging times. The demand from humanity is constant, which means that it will continue to be one of the sure survivors in the future, despite the difficult situation, but we must all play our part.

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