Good people, good places | Big picture of gastronomy

Good people, good places | Big picture of gastronomy

Comprehensible and affordable selection, lovable place – these are the three ingredients for making your rural gastronomy business successful, or at least this is what the founders of Pizza, Kávé, Világbéke say. In addition to the Dudás brothers, there are many other authentic figures who can prove that there is life beyond Budapest, and what a life! There are some who traded the buzz of the city for the hilly slopes of the Balaton Uplands, and are not willing to compromise in terms of quality even if the shore of “the Hungarian sea” fills up. Others started a market with a 20-year experience in the multinational sector. If you thought a cheese burger is the only thing you could ask for from behind the wheel, check this out: you can also buy from local producers, safely, in Dunakeszi. The joint campaign of Piqniq Budapest and Mastercard.

Sándor Varga – Élő Bolygó

Sándor Varga Jr. decided after living in the city, studying in Hungary and abroad, starting a wine shop and an unrealized business that he wanted to pursue his old dream of moving to the countryside and building a new life as a farmer. His final decision was inspired by the documentary ‘Home’, presenting how people destroy the flora and fauna of the Earth by over production and overexploiting the environment. In contrast, Sándor started something that not only spares, but also betters the environment.

“We do biodynamic farming, because we think it’s good.”

Sándor’s story is not only about a change of lifestyle: by creating Élő Bolygó, they laid the foundations for a biodynamic farm, which was exceptional in Hungary at the time. Sándor first encountered the phenomenon of biodynamic farming in relation to wines, and he soon realized that if he wanted to distance himself from large industrial production, this approach could be his path.

Dávid Felcser – Reggeli, Pécs

“Sustainability is the most important to us in relation to continuous operation.”

When the premises next to Nappali in Király utca, Pécs became available, Dávid Felcser and his partner Tamás Szépimmediately jumped at the opportunity, primarily to make sure that no businesses move next to them that don’t match Nappali’s vibe. They didn’t have a concept for utilization at the time, but Dávid soon came up with the idea of opening a breakfast place under the name Reggeli.

Nappali and Reggeli play an important part in Dávid’s identity. As an owner who has travelled the world, who is a fan of gastronomy and who keeps sustainability in mind above all, he is continuously polishing the operation of his businesses.

Dávid’s dream is to create a self-sustained farm, but until then, he considers it important to convey their way of thinking and attitude to a broader audience with Reggeli’s communication, and to influence people’s decisions and steer them towards eco-consciousness.

Szabolcs Dudás – Pizza, Kávé, Világbéke

“My Mom said that the shortest road to World Peace is through good pizza and good coffee.”

The Dudás brothers – Szabolcs and Szilárd – have been living passionately in the world of gastronomy in the past three decades. In addition to their studies and research in Hungary, they also travelled abroad a lot to be the best. They needed years to perfect their gastronomical concept. Their restaurant Anyukám Mondta (literally meaning ‘my mom said’) is one of the best family restaurants in the Hungarian countryside. The continuation was inspired by a trip to Verona: opening an eatery at a busy spot using their background in gastronomy with orders taken at the counter, with a small staff and large spaces, with the premium ingredients and one dish: Roman style pizza. Pizza, Kávé, Világbéke (Pizza, coffee, world peace) – what else?

Zsuzsa Kovács – Dunakeszi Drive-In

Zsuzsa Kovács, the mind behind Kispiac market in Dunakeszi and its main organizer in the past 4 years, the engine of the market community entered the family community in Dunakeszi as a mom with kids going to the Waldorf school. She was looking for opportunities as a volunteer to do what she can for the community, and at the same time to utilize her professional experience gained in the field of HR and coaching. She has been organizing the monthly market originally operating in a closed group, in which the members could get the various goods from each other. 4-5 producers also participated on these events, primarily with seasonal products.

“As a spiritual person, I listen to my intuition and trust people.”

As a spiritual person, instead of classic business planning, Zsuzsa rather listens to her intuition. Her enthusiasm also inspires others, this is the glue that holds the market community together.

Péter Fölföldi – Villa Kabala

After managing MÁK, Borkonyha and Zeller Bistro, Péter Fölföldi left gastronomy life in Budapest and moved to the Balaton Uplands to be with his family and to create a people-centered place in the countryside using his own personal standards.

He and his wife renovated an abandoned villa in Szigliget. Their goal was to create a place where in addition to the gastronomical experience, the guests can also stay a few nights – this is what Villa Kabala became.

“We give what we made, because we know what’s in it.”

Péter’s father used to be the head winemaker of Huba Szeremley, and today he makes a lot of goodies including cheese, ham, salami, sausage, jams and syrups as a primary producer. Their products can also be tasted in the restaurant, especially in their breakfast selection, and currently guests can only find wines packaged by Fölföldi on the shelves.

Photography | Dávid Horpáczi
Video | Gergő Sepsi

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