HIGHLIGHTS | Models, embodied

HIGHLIGHTS | Models, embodied

Since the turn of the millennium, many novelties and technological achievements have come into the public view. Perhaps the best known of these is 3D printing technology, which can now move into anyone’s home. This week, we collected projects related to digital sculpting.

Many times we hear, think that in the future, everything will be done by robots for us, and this utopia no longer seems so distant. 3D printing is no longer just a hobby, but is slowly becoming a solution to replace the engineering of a complete industry. Science, medicine, and the design industry require the production of devices that do not need the use of large-scale plastic injection molding equipment, but the precise, meticulous design is all the more so. But already in larger projects such as construction, technology has also appeared. Prototypes of custom-designed 3D-printed houses appeared on the construction market, and this could even show a way out of the housing crisis.

The process, patented in 1987, has now become a favorite pastime of many product designers and foreshadowed the potential for amazing scientific discoveries such as 3D organic cell printing. But now let’s not get bogged down in the scientific details, let’s see what a couple of creative minds are starting with the tools of space printing from Argentina to France!


Palto – hydroponic pot | Buenos Aires, Argentina
Lautaro Lucero
Uido Design Studio


Hue Inhaler | San Francisco, USA
Tim Zarki


F:OKO | Tilburg, The Netherlands
Loulou and Tummie .


Encore | London, United Kingdom
Sam Gwilt


Jonction-T | Paris, France
Samuel N. Bernier

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