HIGHLIGHTS | For whom the city is a large canvas

HIGHLIGHTS | For whom the city is a large canvas

This time we reached out again to our favorite subject, the murals, but we discover these works from a slightly different perspective. Join us!

A trend is spreading worldwide that is strongly influencing the everyday lives of residents. Municipalities and various non-governmental organizations are working to make the public spaces of our cities friendlier and more livable. In summer, in forty degrees, trees giving shade and drinking fountains prove useful, but as the sunny season is over, the colors disappear from the streets. In winter, the murals bring color to the gray, smoggy everyday life, serving a more livable cityscape.

Murals most often appear scattered in the city on free-standing firewalls or fences, but it can also happen that the owner of a building sacrifices the entire façade on an altar of art. In fact, no matter where they appear, they always achieve their goal and do so only to our advantage. Now let’s see them from Canada to Spain!

Avanaa | Montreál, Canada
Cecile Gariepy

VI(VER) A LOU(CURA) | Curitiba, Brazil
Cristina Pagnoncelli

Jungnang-gu | Seoul, South Korea
Daye Kim

Elena González

Tota pedra | Barcelona, Spain
Reskate Studio

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