House by the lake: a dream home nestled in nature

House by the lake: a dream home nestled in nature

It is always worth bearing in mind that we should not expropriate the environment around us for our own ends, as we have only borrowed our habitat from nature. Fortunately, more and more creative and innovative initiatives are emerging to make our homes sustainable and environmentally friendly. The Polish team at is a perfect example of how it is possible to respectfully create a symbiosis with nature.

The ninety-square-meter house designed by the studio is located next to a lake. The concept was inspired by the idea of creating a coherent living space with the nature surrounding the house.

The designers of paid special attention to understand the expectations and needs of the investors and to participate in the design process together. They placed great emphasis on the use of high-quality natural materials that blend into the environment, thus creating harmony with the landscape.

“The design process started with multiple site visits to get a real sense of the environment and to answer the question of what function the different spaces should serve,” the designers said.

As a curiosity, the bathroom in the master bedroom features a free-standing bathtub with a stunning view of the lake through a large glass surface.

In addition to its primary function, the natural stone kitchen island has an integrating role, as family members and guests are regular visitors.

To give the house a unique character, artist Rzeszów-based Iwona Bilska was asked to contribute. As with the whole interior, the paintings are in muted colors that do not distract from the real highlight, the lake. | Web | Instagram

Source: Label-magazine

Photos: Patryk Polewany